Not your ordinary Auctioneer!
Charity Auctioneer

From your Silent Auctions and Drawings to your Live Auction and Paddle Raise, Steve will maximize your revenues and insure that all guests have a memorable evening. Fast, fun and efficient, known for his great wit and humor, he will keep your crowd involved, entertained and bidding.

Master of Ceremonies

As Master of Ceremonies, Steve is confident and in control. Your timekeeper and troubleshooter, friend and facilitator. The official host of your event. Tall (6’5”), well dressed, with great manners, Steve will stay focused on your guests; greeting, educating and motivating! He loves to engage strangers in conversation!

Event Consultant

A wealth of experience equals a wealth of information that Steve is always willing to share. From event timing to procuring auction items, from registration to check-out, Steve has an opinion on everything to do with a successful fundraiser. He loves to share over 20 years, and nearly 1,000 events, of experience!

How do you choose your Auctioneer?

Do you base your decision on a website, phone conversations or email correspondence?

The personality of your Auctioneer is critical to the success of your event.

Give Steve the opportunity to meet with your committee to answer questions

and perhaps provide a suggestion or two that may benefit your event!

Contact Steve

cell/text: 619/723-0324  •  email: